Have you ever been in a relationship?

One fine evening ,a text message caused my phone to vibrate . When I checked , it was a message from an old friend – ‘Hii.. How are you? Howz lyf?’

I started typing -‘Heya.. I’m grtt. .lyf is boring..nothing exciting.. what about you?’

I was about to press ‘send’ button ,when suddenly I realized something. I read and re-read it.


And I went into the Flashback…..

He, his face, his words. Yes, his yesterday’s words. We had been in a relationship for long time, long enough to know each other, to understand each other . From past few days he had been ignoring me or as he told ‘he-was-not-feeling-like-talking’ . There was no reason for the same. Each time I tried to make everything normal ,I ended up crying . I was not getting anything. May be it was normal. Normal to behave like this when you are in a long term relationship.

So ,yesterday he told me finally – ‘Our relationship is so boring , no excitement, nothing’. These few words felt like big needles and I could feel the pain of these needles in my heart. I had done just every good thing I could. I had put lot of efforts . I was still putting. He was the one who stopped putting efforts and blaming ‘our’ relationship. How the hell he could? I wanted to tell him ‘ its you, who is making this relationship boring . Don’t you say even a single word for this relationship which means a lot to me’. I cried hard after putting the phone down . I couldn’t say a single word to him but couldn’t sleep either.

The day when I got the text I wrote ‘life is boring’. Suddenly I realized a very simple but deep thing. What is life? A relationship between God and Me. Yes, it is the relationship in which God is putting all his efforts to improve our relationship . God loves me the same way everyday. I am not putting efforts . I am sitting idle. But is that a fault of ‘life’. How the hell then I can say such word for our relationship? Will God not feel hurt? How could I say myself ‘great’ and our relationship ‘boring’? Isn’t it the same thing he did to me by blaming me and our relationship and preventing himself ? Was I not doing the same thing,on which I cried and couldn’t sleep?

I got my answer. I deleted the typed text and typed – ‘Heya ! Life is great . I am good too. Trying to be fair enough with it. :-)

Come lets promise ourselves to never ever call life boring ,when we are responsible for making what it is today. Lets try our best to make it interesting, peaceful and however we want it to be like.

Let the soul think….
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