Rahul- Hey what happened? You sounded worried on the call.

Alia- No just wanted to see you.

Rahul- Is everything alright?

Alia- yes yes baba. Everything's fine. So tell me how was your day? Did you eat your lunch?

Rahul- Yeah I did. My day was okayish… (and Rahul continued his story of how his day went while Alia listened to him with a smile on her face.)

Alia- Accha listen. I have to give you something.

Rahul- What? We promised no gifts.

Alia- Here take this. (Gives Rahul an old plastic ring.)

Rahul- Wait . This is the one I gave you when we started dating in the first year of college. Why are you giving it back?

Alia- I promised to keep this. But I don't want to keep it now. (She said with tears in her eyes.)

Rahul- But what happened? What wrong did I do ? Please tell me. Is it about me earning very less? Well don't worry I'll work harder now. Please don't do this.

Alia- I am sorry Rahul. I just don't feel that way about you. Please never contact me or meet me again.

Alia left after saying the above. Rahul cursed her, cried, burned her photos, started drinking.

**3 months went by and Rahul couldn't bear it and went outside her house and started ringing the door bell**

Her dad- Who are you? What do you want?

Rahul- I am Rahul and I want to speak to Alia.

**Alia's dad had tears in his eyes. He called him inside his house and gave him a glass of water and handed him a letter.**

Her dad- She said you will come. (With breaking voice.)

Rahul read the letter. Horror entered his eyes. He started crying.

The letter said that Alia was suffering from Stage 3 ovarian cancer and it got worse after Rahul and Alia went on a weekend. She didn't want him to know this before as he would think of it as his fault.
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